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Accredited pharmacy and clinic in the heart of London providing Covid-19 Tests Kits nationwide

Why Testing?

We have been testing people for COVID-19 long before the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, which makes testing mandatory for all children wishing to return to school. We have believed for a long time that regular testing is the way to end lockdowns.

New regulations now mean that schoolchildren must be tested multiple times in order to be allowed to return to school. Flying into the UK now also requires COVID testing to be carried out.

The sheer enormity of tests required in the UK at the moment makes home COVID testing the only logical solution to getting all those tests completed in a timely manner.

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How It Works

  • Purchase the home test kit

    Purchase the home test kit

  • Receive it in the mail

    Receive it in the mail

  • Take an easy sample

    Take an easy sample

  • Mail it to us. We pay for the postage<

    Post it using the pre-addressed envelope

  • Receive an email with your results

    Receive an email with your results

Covid-19 Testing

Which Test?

More often than not, you will need the PCR Home Test to comply with the applicable regulations. This test detects an active COVID infection and satisfies the legal requirements for Back to School and Fit-to-Fly tests.

These tests are also useful for companies that wish to conduct COVID testing at the workplace. (We can also send a team to conduct the testing for you.)

We offer three options for testing:

Antigen PCR Home Test

The test can be taken at home. Detects a current infection.

Antigen PCR Test at Our Clinic

If you prefer to be tested at our clinic, this option is also available. Results within 24 hours.

COVID Antibody Test

Determines if you have previously been infected with COVID. Best taken five weeks after any possible infection. Test conducted on-site at our clinic in London.

Why Choose Us

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been helping reduce COVID infections by offering high-quality, reliable testing to those who need it. We give 2.5% of everything we make to a children’s charity.

Why Choose Us

Medical Professionals

We are partnered with an accredited clinic and pharmacy in London, and trained professionals analyse all our tests.

Why Choose Us

Fast Results

You will receive your results within 24 hours of sending us your samples.

Why Choose Us

On-site testing

Our team of trained professionals can also come to your business and conduct expert testing directly on the premises.

Covid-19 Testing

COVID-Free Certificate

Once you have tested negative for COVID, you will receive a certificate saying so, signed by a medical professional. This certificate is valid for flying and also for getting your children back to school.

All samples are analysed in our London clinic, whether the test was taken at home or at the clinic itself.

Negative results will receive their certificates by email.

Client Testimonials


I needed to take an urgent flight and was so glad when I discovered the Covid Tests Kit website. I received the kit promptly in the mail and was able to get the results a whole day before my flight! Perfect timing.

- Andrew Taylor


Our kit is amongst the top range when it comes to accurate testing. It is important not to contaminate the sample sent. Everything you need is in the kit, and our accredited laboratory team will take care of the rest.

Yes, this test is a “PCR” home test kit, the same test administered by the NHS to determine if someone is currently infected with COVID-19. A PCR test kit is used to collect minute samples of DNA that can then be used to generate a larger batch of DNA (or, sometimes RNA) for use in testing. You don’t need to know any of this to conduct the test. All you need to do is take a sample from the back of your throat using the sterilised swab in the test kit and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you are flying soon, you should do the test so as to obtain a Fit to Fly certificate. If you have come in contact with anyone who might be infected, you should do the test to ensure you did not catch the virus as well. It is possible to carry COVID-19 and exhibit no symptoms for a certain amount of time, which is one of the reasons the virus can spread so easily.

You can contact our support team by emailing us at support@covidtestskits.com. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

If you place the order in the UK before 3pm during Mon-Fri then you will receive the test kit the next working day (for weekends this can take upto 2 days). For international orders, our delivery times vary depending on the Country. Please allow an extra working day for deliveries during UK bank holidays.

The laboratory needs to receive your swab within 48 hours of your online registration of the kit.