COVID-19 Rapid Test Results in 15 Minutes

The COVID-19 Rapid Test is recommended for people with active symptoms of COVID-19. It is not recommended for people who are asymptomatic as it can lead to a high number of false negatives in such cases. This test is not valid for Travel Certificates. For that, you will need to take a same-day PCR test.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Results in 15 Minutes


This test is ideal for people who are experiencing symptoms and who want to know for themselves if they need to self-isolate or not. For example, if you are planning a family get-together but suddenly come down with the sniffles, this test might be the one for you, to know if your get-together can still occur or not.

If, however, you require a travel certificate or other official statement of testing negative for COVID-19, you will need to take one of our PCR tests instead.

Our Covid-19 testing is done at our West London Pharmacy 154 Chiswick High Road W4 1PR

Please contact us on 0208 994 1702 should you have any questions.

  • Test taken at our London clinic by one of our expert clinicians
  • This test is ideal for people who are experiencing symptoms and who want to know for themselves if they need to self-isolate
  • Peace of Mind, knowing you were tested by a professional
  • Rapid results within 15 Minutes of taking the test
Covid-19 Testing

Which Test Is Right for Me?

We offer three types of tests: (1) PCR, (2) “Rapid Test” (which tests for antigens) and the (3) antibody test.

The PCR test is the most accurate at detecting a current infection and has a high accuracy rate even if the person is asymptomatic (i.e., if they have the disease but do not show any symptoms). Results are generally available within a few hours to a few days.

The “Rapid Test” determines if you have coronavirus antigens (foreign bodies) in your system. It is most effective for people who are exhibiting symptoms. This gives you results in 15 minutes but, unfortunately, the “false negatives” rate can be as high as 50 per cent for people with no symptoms. This test is ideally suited for people who are currently ill and simply want to know, for themselves, if they have COVID-19 or not.

The antibody test determines if your body has developed the necessary antibodies to fight off SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). This lets you know if you have had COVID-19 in the past or if the vaccination you took did its job. It is best taken six weeks after a suspected infection.

Unsure which test is right for you?

We provide expert advice from experienced professionals that will help you find the perfect home testing kit suitable for your needs.

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Client Testimonials


I needed to take an urgent flight and was so glad when I discovered the Covid Tests Kit website. I received the kit promptly in the mail and was able to get the results a whole day before my flight! Perfect timing.

- Andrew Taylor


Our kit is amongst the top range when it comes to accurate testing. It is important not to contaminate the sample sent. Everything you need is in the kit, and our accredited laboratory team will take care of the rest.

Yes, this test is a “PCR” home test kit, the same test administered by the NHS to determine if someone is currently infected with COVID-19. A PCR test kit is used to collect minute samples of DNA that can then be used to generate a larger batch of DNA (or, sometimes RNA) for use in testing. You don’t need to know any of this to conduct the test. All you need to do is take a sample from the back of your throat using the sterilised swab in the test kit and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you are flying soon, you should do the test so as to obtain a Fit to Fly certificate. If you have come in contact with anyone who might be infected, you should do the test to ensure you did not catch the virus as well. It is possible to carry COVID-19 and exhibit no symptoms for a certain amount of time, which is one of the reasons the virus can spread so easily.

You can contact our support team by emailing us at We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

If you place the order in the UK before 3pm during Mon-Fri then you will receive the test kit the next working day (for weekends this can take upto 2 days). For international orders, our delivery times vary depending on the Country. Please allow an extra working day for deliveries during UK bank holidays.

The laboratory needs to receive your swab within 48 hours of your online registration of the kit.