Children with Flu Asked to Be Tested for COVID-19 before Going Back to School

Children with Flu Asked to Be Tested for COVID-19 before Going Back to School

Children with Flu Asked to Be Tested for COVID-19 before Going Back to School

The “New Normal” is turning out to be a lot more difficult to get used than expected.

And, for parents desperate to send their kids off to school so the parents can get back to work, the task has become even more difficult.

Although there are guidelines in place, every school, business and, for that matter, airline has implemented COVID-19 precautions differently.

What most schools seem to have in common, however, is the requirement for testing when children have had any recent symptoms of COVID-19.

Seeing as the novel coronavirus’s symptoms are, in many cases, similar to other common childhood illnesses (shortness of breath, high temperature, cough), this is putting an excessive load on facilities which can carry out testing.

COVID-19 Back to School Testing Facilities Are Overwhelmed

Parents who need to get their kids tested are running up against the problem of:

1. Long queues for testing

2. No testing kits available due to the high demand

This makes it practically impossible to get a test.

Even if your child simply had a cold or flu, the schools have been quite adamant about this — the child must get tested.

This matter of testing children for coronavirus has become a catch-22 which has put undue pressure on parents who have been struggling for months to try and get some sense of normalcy back into their lives.

Why is getting a COVID-19 test so difficult?

The NHS is overwhelmed.

People need COVID-19 tests to get back to work. They need tests to fly. And, now, many schools are demanding that children get tested for COVID-19 so they can return to their studies.

There have been multiple reports in the news regarding the inability of the NHS and local clinics to keep up with the demand for COVID-19 testing in general, never mind the COVID-19 tests required to send children back to school.

If you cannot get your child tested, perhaps the school will allow you to keep the child in quarantine for several weeks and then let them return to school once all symptoms have disappeared. But that doesn’t solve the problem of getting the child off your hands immediately so you can return to work.

How to Get a COVID-19 Test for Back to School

How to Get a COVID-19 Test for Back to School

There are drive-in tests available, but as with the problems mentioned above, many of these are also overbooked, and so it becomes virtually impossible to get a slot.

Even if you could get a slot, there’s the additional burden and concern of taking yourself and your child to an area full of people, needing to wash your hands every five minutes as a result of possibly contaminated surfaces, and just generally opening yourself up and your child to exposure.

The most logical solution is to conduct such a test within the comfort and safety of your own home.

COVID-19 Back to School Tests Done at Home

Using a simple and affordable PCR Home Testing kit, you can carry out a non-invasive test on your child from within the comfort of your own home.

“PCR” stands for a technical term that we won’t bore you with here. It is basically a procedure for generating large amounts of DNA samples from a small amount.

What you do is take a small sample of DNA from the back of your child’s throat using a simple swab, and a small sample from within the nostril, and then send it in to our lab for analysis.

The sample must be taken using specially sterilised swabs, and sent back in such a way that the swab will not become contaminated on the way back to the lab.

Our COVID-19 Back to School Home Test Kits contain all of these items so that you can carry out the test correctly and without risk of corrupting the sample.

COVID-19 Back to School Certificate

Once you have gathered the sample for analysis, you will receive the results within 9 – 15 hours of us receiving it at our lab. If the analysis of the sample furnishes a negative result for COVID-19, we will send a COVID-19 Back to School Certificate to you via email, for your child.

COVID-19 Testing at Schools by Medical Professionals

Our London-based team of accredited medical technicians is also able to carry out testing of students and teachers on-site, directly at the school.

We offer this service to all schools in London Zones 1 – 6.

Headmasters and headmistresses can now rest assured that, should they encounter a child or teacher with COVID-19 symptoms, they can take action right away and have the child or teacher tested immediately so as to prevent any possibility of the virus spreading again.

The government website has stated that “Time out of school is detrimental for children’s cognitive and academic development”. Therefore, it is imperative that children be kept in school and continue their education.

Allowing the virus to spread in a school as a result of one child or teacher eho was not able to get tested due to clinics being overwhelmed would be catastrophic for the good of all children in that school.

Home testing kits, and on-site testing by medical professionals, is the solution.