Confusion and Controversy over Face Masks in School - Covid Tests Kit

Confusion and Controversy over Face Masks in School

Confusion and Controversy over Face Masks in School

Confusion and Controversy over Face Masks in School

As Brits slowly emerge from their year-long house-arrest prison cells this month, like rats from unlit sewers, dissent and indignation reign when discussing the controversial practice of forcing children to hide their faces behind purportedly panacea-like masks.

And, as Big Tech censorship grows ever more brazen, alarming and ubiquitous, finding information regarding the pros and cons of masks becomes ever more difficult.

We have, by our own fear-driven complacency, descended to a level of collectively submissive behaviour which has allowed supposedly democratic western governments to eradicate and shatter basic democratic rights as if they were swatting at flies.

Indeed, the case for face masks, in general, is not cut and dry by a long shot. Study after study has confirmed that face masks have “no significant impact in stopping [the] spread of the Covid virus.” And, yet, the mainstream media narrative will have you believe otherwise.

The sheer volume of science-based evidence that masks don’t work is stunning in its quantity. Faced with such clear evidence, it boggles the mind to watch Brits (and many others in the world) don their masks like min emperors putting on their new clothes.

This is bad enough for adults. But the data regarding whether children should be forced to wear masks borders on scandalous — as does the entirely botched “handling” of the COVID-19 pandemic by incompetent politicians and blundering health ministers, from the beginning.

The most egregious myth (now utterly debunked) which has been disseminated about our youth is that they are “super-spreaders” — a term which, sadly, will likely be used to ostracize our children and people for decades to come.

Actually, children and their strong immune systems are part of the solution.

According to eminent bio-statistician Knut M. Wittkowski, the only way to conquer a respiratory disease is through herd immunity. (That’s another term that has previously calm and logical people now spitting in disgust.) He talks about “contact” with the virus, and that merely being in contact with it will not necessarily make you ill.

Herd immunity can be achieved through vaccination programs or through safe contact.

Safe contact, according to him, is achieved by exposing healthy people to the virus, all while protecting the old and the infirm.

Dr Wirrkowski, who headed the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at The Rockefeller University, New York, for twenty years, had his video explaining the above promptly and summarily banned by technocrats at YouTube for offering his expert medical opinion.

These are dystopian times.

On the subject of illustrious experts, few fill those boots so perfectly as Oxford University’s Professor Sunetra Gupta. Dr Gupta “studied biology at Princeton University and completed her PhD at Imperial College London, writing her dissertation on the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases.”

Few are as qualified as she to comment on the validity of lockdowns and the ways in which respiratory diseases get transmitted.

In her expert opinion, lockdowns are “cruel and regressive.” More importantly, she points out that the initial data models predicting mass and almost apocalyptic levels of death were completely flawed.

Those models were touted by Imperial College of London’s (ICL) mathematical epidemiologist Neil Ferguson who was quick to retract his “predictions” once they resulted in the draconian actions which have all but collapsed the world’s economies.

Unfortunately, the ICL’s model was not merely “slightly” flawed — it was almost completely, utterly and hopelessly wrong. (According to the previously linked article, Ferguson was wrong about his projections of Mad Cow disease as well. Oh, and do you remember that scandalous story of when “Professor Lockdown” himself was caught violating the very social distancing rules he insisted on being implemented?)

So, what does all this about lockdowns have to do with masks in school?


We need to start afresh. Stop being afraid.

It all began in March 2020 when we didn’t know anything about the virus. Back then, there was also very little testing being done for coronavirus. Not knowing anything meant that people panicked and toilet paper disappeared off the shelves faster than people could wrestle it out of others’ hands.

The media jumped on the bandwagon (bad news sells) and spewed out a torrent of terror that had everyday folk holding their children tight and saying an extra prayer every night.

Shame on these terror-mongers.

Likewise seeing an opportunity, technocrats and politicians quickly pushed their own agendas until talk of masks, lockdowns, “shelter in place” (a wartime practice to protect yourself, not one in peacetime) and the ever-growing onslaught of vested interests promptly buried and censored information and turned the COVID-19 epidemic/pandemic into a free-for-all circus.

Free speech went the way of the horse-drawn cart, and here we stand, tired, weary, battered, beaten down by governments who are too scared to admit they made a mistake and too afraid of losing their own jobs while gratuitously decimating the jobs of millions of others.

Before deciding about masks, we need to calm down.

We need to stop being afraid of a virus that has close to a 99.9% survival rate when there are no other comorbidities present. And that was without a vaccine!

We also need to stop being afraid of being imprisoned in our own homes by a government entirely antithetic to basic human freedoms.

We need to take a breath and forget the last twelve months.

After doing that, we need to look at the data — all the data — and decide for ourselves if masking children is good for their health, their education and their general wellbeing.