How to Get a COVID Fit to Fly Certificate If You Can’t Get Tested

How to Get a COVID Fit to Fly Certificate If You Can’t Get Tested

How to Get a COVID Fit to Fly Certificate If You Can’t Get Tested

The coronavirus travel landscape is ever-evolving.

On 4 July 2020, exemptions were made by the UK government to allow travel to certain countries. This list has changed often, and there is no guarantee that travelling to one of the exempted destinations won’t land you up in quarantine.

Worse, some countries have imposed a regulation that travellers require a “Fit to Fly Certificate” from their doctor in order to be allowed into the country at all; or to be allowed into it without the need for quarantine.

You must understand the terminology here: People are wondering how to get a Fit to Fly Test in the UK or how to do a Fit to Fly Test for COVID — the truth is that there isn’t such a thing as a “Fit to Fly Test”.

Let me explain:

Step 1: You first need to get what is called a “PCR Swab Test” that determines with high accuracy whether or not you are currently infected with COVID-19

Step 2: If you are not infected, a qualified medical professional must then give you a validated certificate testifying to this fact. This certificate is what is commonly being called the “Fit to Fly Certificate”.

Fit to Fly Swab Tests Nearly Impossible to Get in the UK

The problem is that the NHS is totally overwhelmed and simply cannot keep up with the swarm of people who want testing.

The sheer demand of people wanting tests has resulted in tremendous delays for the NHS, to the point where they are now pleading with the public to not get tested if they don’t have any coronavirus symptoms.

The NHS also explicitly states that free NHS COVID tests are not for people wishing to travel.

In short, if you want to want to get a Fit to Fly test in the UK to ensure you don’t have COVID-19, you need to do it privately.

How to Get a Fit to Fly PCR Swab Test Done Privately

The easiest way to do this is to order a highly reliable Fit to Fly COVID-19 PCR Swab Kit and test yourself at home.

The test is very easy to carry out. It is also safe to do as it is done from within the comfort of your own home.

Test taken at our London clinic (Chiswick) with a Medical professional -Covid Antigen PCR / Swab Test & Certificate

The test is done via a saliva swab. The Fit to Fly test will determine with extremely high accuracy if you currently have coronavirus. (If you are looking to test if you had coronavirus previously, you would need to carry out a COVID antibody test instead.)

Before conducting the test, wash your hands thoroughly, then put the sterilised swab into the back of your throat and rub it around to collect a thorough sample so that it can be tested.

Once you’ve done this, reinsert the swab into its protective covering, ensuring no contact with any other surfaces while you do it.

Package the sample into an envelope and send it in to our lab for testing.

We will analyse the sample sent to our lab and send you your results immediately. If you are not infected with COVID-19, we will also send you a Fit to Fly Certificate by email so that you may go and enjoy that holiday you surely deserve!

How Much Does a Fit to Fly Test Cost Me If Done Privately?

As mentioned above, there really is no choice but to carry out these tests privately.

The test is correctly called a PCR Swab Test. And, whereas the NHS does carry these out free-of-charge for people who are symptomatic, they have clearly stated on their website that they will not conduct such tests for purposes of travel.

The test might say you are not infected by COVID-19, but the test itself is not the certificate you require for travel.

It can be frustrating, during these difficult times, to have to spend yet another bit of money for testing when all you want to do is just kick your feet up and relax by the beach without having to spend any more cash.

That’s why we are offering our kits at the most affordable prices possible while still being able to stay in business.

It has been a difficult year for all of us. And it is our goal to make the remainder of that year a little easier, and to allow people to have a stress-free break from all the madness, through being able to take a chilled-out holiday in the sun.

By getting a Fit to Fly Certificate, you are not only guaranteeing that you can travel safely and easily to other countries for that break, but you are also making it safe for others by ensuring you are not currently carrying the COVID-19 virus.

The pandemic which brought the UK into its deepest recession in decades was started by only a handful of people. We are all in this together and have a responsibility to keep each other safe and healthy.