No Flight Ticket Refunds for Lack of COVID Fit-to-Fly Certificates

No Flight Ticket Refunds for Lack of COVID Fit-to-Fly Certificates

No Flight Ticket Refunds for Lack of COVID Fit-to-Fly Certificates

Every country has its specific set of travel regulations related to COVID-19 at the moment.

These regulations vary widely. Some countries enforce a 14-day quarantine; others require you to have a Fit-to-Fly Certificate to hand simply to enter their borders, while others have blocked travel entirely.

The thing to understand is that airlines are only obligated to offer you a refund for your ticket under very specific circumstances.

Essentially, the only time an airline is obligated to offer you a refund for your flight ticket is when it cancels your flight. That’s according to the Civil Aviation Authority UK’s website.

This regulation put airlines under tremendous financial stress during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, where they were forced to offer countless refunds as a result of cancelled flights.

If they honour their flight schedule and get you to your destination, they cannot be held liable for the fact that you are missing the required documentation to enter your destination of choice.

What is a COVID Fit-to-Fly certificate?

Many destinations currently require you to have a Fit to Fly Certificate, which states that you are not currently infected with COVID-19.

Depending on the destination or airline, this test must be carried out, usually, within 72 hours of your flight. (Please read up on your specific destination and airline’s regulations to determine the exact timeframe.)

The NHS has explicitly stated that it won’t be testing people for the purposes of travel. They are currently overwhelmed with the number of people who are demanding COVID-19 testing.

The NHS has pleaded with the public to not come into a clinic for testing unless they are specifically exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms such as “high temperature”, “a new, continuous cough”, “a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste”, as laid out on the NHS Website.

With such a lack of testing around, people are hard-put to find a “Fit-to-Fly Test Near Me” facility.

What is the difference between COVID-19 Fit for Travel certificates and standard Fit to Fly certificates?

The concept of a “Fit to Fly Certificate” is not a new one. Airlines have required “Fit to Fly” certificates for many years, from people who have certain health conditions that make flying risky for them.

These conditions include heart conditions, asthma, people recovering from surgery, etc.

Indeed, “Fit to Travel” is probably the correct term to use when discussing the specific COVID-19 Home test Kits and the resultant certificate you receive when you test negative for the disease.

But, you know how it goes on the internet: A word starts getting used on social media and before you know it, it has gone viral, and no one even remembers the original terminology.

So, people are using the term “Fit to Fly Certificate” at the moment to refer to the specific certificate needed in order to be allowed to enter certain countries that you are flying to.

As the famous song goes, “potAYtoes, potAHtoes, tomAYtoes, tomAHtoes” — rest assured that the certificate you receive from our laboratory is the correct certificate that you require in order to travel to your desired destination and prove that you are COVID-19-free.

Where to get your Fit-to-Fly Certificate and secure your travel plans

The NHS is refusing tests to people for the purposes of travel. They simply cannot handle the load.

The best way to get this test done at the moment, and to receive the attendant Fit to Fly Certificate, is to order a home testing kit, conduct the test on yourself, and then send it in to a laboratory such as ours in order to receive your results.

The Fit to Fly Test is technically called a “PCR Test”. I won’t bore you with the terminology too much, but “PCR” is a unique process that allows scientists to amplify the amount of DNA taken as a sample, so as to be able to study it correctly. This means that only very small quantities of DNA are required to carry out these “PCR” tests.

What does this mean for you? A simple swab test from the back of the throat. That’s all. We take care of the rest.

So, don’t lose out on your flight ticket because you didn’t go through this effortless procedure of conducting a COVID-19 Home Test and getting your resultant Fit to Fly Certificate. Order your Home Testing Kit from us today and have the results sent to you rapidly and by email, including your Fit to Fly Certificate, so you can take that much-needed holiday!