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Use Covid Home Test Kits in the safety of your own home or come to our London clinic instead. We can get you tested so that you’re Fit to Fly or ready to get Back to Work or safe to go Back to School.

Could an Effective COVID-19 Testing Program Ease Lockdowns
Could an Effective COVID-19 Testing Program Ease Lockdowns?

The need for rapid and efficient COVID-19 testing continues to grow. Recently, Heathrow announced that “Lamp” (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) tests would be given to passengers flying from Heathrow to Hong Kong. The Lamp test is not as sensitive as the PCR tests used by the NSA, which is the same test used in COVID-19 Home […]

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Children with Flu Asked to Be Tested for COVID-19 before Going Back to School
Children with Flu Asked to Be Tested for COVID-19 before Going Back to School

The “New Normal” is turning out to be a lot more difficult to get used than expected. And, for parents desperate to send their kids off to school so the parents can get back to work, the task has become even more difficult. Although there are guidelines in place, every school, business and, for that […]

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How Accurate are COVID-19 Home Testing Kits for Fit-to-Fly Certificates
How Accurate are COVID-19 Home Testing Kits for Fit-to-Fly Certificates?

The surge in international travel after UK lockdown restrictions were eased did not come without its complications. Many airlines and countries now demand a certificate, carried on the person, attesting to the fact that they are not currently infected with COVID-19. Failing to carry such a certificate can result in the person not being allowed […]

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Is Working from Home Still Sustainable
Is Working from Home Still Sustainable?

During the UK’s first lockdown in March of 2020, companies struggled to find their feet in the Work From Home landscape. Businesses such as Zoom, Dropbox and experienced booms as people scrambled to find solutions to their work-from-home problems during the COVID-19 lockdown — remote access to the office, team collaboration, even seemingly simple […]

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How Can Employers and Employees, Make a COVID-Free Workplace?
How Can Employers and Employees Make a COVID-Free Workplace?

As the UK prepares for, possibly, its second lockdown, the foremost question on business owners’ minds is “How can I proof my business against COVID-19 so that I can keep my doors open and my employees safe?” A second full-scale lockdown would be catastrophic for the UK economy. Numerous countries such as Germany, New Zealand, […]

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No Flight Ticket Refunds for Lack of COVID Fit-to-Fly Certificates
No Flight Ticket Refunds for Lack of COVID Fit-to-Fly Certificates

Every country has its specific set of travel regulations related to COVID-19 at the moment. These regulations vary widely. Some countries enforce a 14-day quarantine; others require you to have a Fit-to-Fly Certificate to hand simply to enter their borders, while others have blocked travel entirely. The thing to understand is that airlines are only […]

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How to Get a COVID Fit to Fly Certificate If You Can’t Get Tested
How to Get a COVID Fit to Fly Certificate If You Can’t Get Tested

The coronavirus travel landscape is ever-evolving. On 4 July 2020, exemptions were made by the UK government to allow travel to certain countries. This list has changed often, and there is no guarantee that travelling to one of the exempted destinations won’t land you up in quarantine. Worse, some countries have imposed a regulation that […]

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Tests You Can Rely On

Our PCR Test Kit determines if someone is currently infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COBID-19). All our tests are CE-Marked and PHE-assessed. That means they met all necessary safety, health and environmental protection requirements as determined by Public Health England.

Our tests are also approved by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) to be used in the UK government’s national COVID-19 testing programme which is being undertaken to get kids back to school, people travelling, and the UK finally out of lockdown.

Our testing laboratory is accredited as per International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 which “specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories.”

Back to School

Our PCR tests meet the testing requirements necessary for getting your kids back to school as soon as they have been determined to be COVID-19-free.

Fit to Fly

We issue travel certificates for all people who test negative for COVID-19. These certificates are becoming increasingly necessary at airlines and for specific travel destinations.

Back to Business

Get your team back to business safely with bulk discounts or on-site testing by a team of professionals.

Medical Professionals

All our tests are analysed only by properly accredited and authorised medical professionals.