Vaccinating My Child against COVID-19 - Should I Be Worried?

Should I Be Worried about Vaccinating My Child against COVID-19?

Should I Be Worried about Vaccinating My Child against COVID-19?

Should I Be Worried about Vaccinating My Child against COVID-19?

Concerns over the safety of a COVID-19 vaccine have existed since before the Pfizer/BioNTech announcement that its new vaccine is over 90 per cent effective.

Concerns over vaccines, in general, is not a new thing — the “vax vs anti-vax” controversy has raged for a long time.

Even before the pandemic, Matt Hancock was already trying to get anti-vaccine posts banned from social media.

Well, it seems that all it took for him to get his wish was a global pandemic of deadly proportions.

Perhaps the most alarming matter in this current situation is that Big Tech has now taken a Big Brother attitude and is actively censoring posts and content that it deems to be “misinformation” on the subject of vaccinations as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Look, we’re all tired. And we’re not here to tell you whether you should get a vaccine or not. We’re not medical professionals — but at least we’re honest about it.

What we are here to tell you is that you should choose your sources of information.

For a company like Amazon to take down a product from its shelves or for YouTube to ban a video that contains opinions from medical professionals that the COVID-19 numbers were being boosted is concerning at best.

By blithely assigning the label of “misinformation” to any post that goes against the status quo — even when such information is peer-reviewed and validated by experts — one puts into the hands of Big Tech the power of judge, jury and executioner.

Again, let us be blunt — we are not making a case for or against vaccines. We are making a case for your rights as a parent to know what you put into your children’s bodies.

(Oh, and while we’re at it, did you know that the UK has the best survival rate for COVID-19 than any other country in the world? How does that make you feel compared to hearing about “death rates” all the time.)

As a parent, you should be allowed to receive facts and opinions from people who are trained to give those facts and opinions.

For example, if 25 per cent of residents at a German old-age home died (video in German) after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, you should know about it.

You need to know that over 500 people have died “shortly after” receiving the vaccine in the UK (227 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech and 275 after receiving the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine). And you need to know these things in a table with information listing:

– Age

– Other morbidities

– How soon after vaccination did the person pass away

You certainly don’t need this “reported” to you in a watered-down summary that reads more like a paean to the miracles of vaccination rather than as a clearly stated and objective report containing facts and figures.

Could it be that someone doesn’t want us to think for ourselves?

By putting the power into Big Tech’s hands to label data as “misinformation”, we are basically being told that we are unable to decide for ourselves what works and what doesn’t.

As if we’re the stupid masses who must constantly be controlled.

And, let’s face it, the mainstream media is no accurate source of information. After Larry King died, one of the major British news networks posted a huge scare headline which read, “Larry King Dies of COVID-19”.

What a lie. And I think they knew it. Because a search for that same article now shows that the article with that title no longer exists.

Larry King did not die of COVID-19. He died of sepsis.

Misinformation from whom?

When a 39-year-old woman with no other known morbidities dies from heart and kidney failure after receiving the second Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, you should know about it.

If Matt Hancock is turning a profit from PPE sales, you should know about it. That information shouldn’t be censored or go unreported by Big Media who are supposed to be objective in their reporting and not worry about how to stay afloat as a result of fees paid given to them by their advertisers.

These are difficult, unprecedented times for all of us. A lot of good people have worked (and are working) very hard to deal with a catastrophic state of affairs.

We will forever be indebted to the wonderful souls at the NHS who have sacrificed so much to keep us well.

But it doesn’t change your rights as a parent. You have a right to know, and you have a right to choose.

That’s all we’re saying.

To blindly label anything as “misinformation” because it goes against the status quo is ludicrous.

We have already been thrown into a 1984-esque state of affairs where our individual liberties and personal freedoms have been repeatedly taken away from us, businesses closed down and the livelihoods of millions destroyed through the draconian (and dubious) measures of worldwide lockdowns (which apparently don’t even work).

Perhaps those actions were done in foolishness; hopefully, they were not undertaken with malice aforethought and for profit.

And, on the subject of profit, no one can deny that vaccines and COVID-19 drug research are big bucks.

Either way, here we stand. We have to get back on our feet and have to get the world moving again.

We also need to maintain our liberty.

And the only way to maintain liberty is to keep the channels of dialogue open, to choose for ourselves what information we agree with or not, to speak to medical professionals of our own choosing. Maintaining liberty is not done by Facebook, YouTube and Amazon exercising their strong arms and burying any and all information that the status quo deems unfit for public consumption.

There’s a book about that.